Thursday, September 03, 2009

Here you see quite a lot of samples from my work for Roger Rabbit, Mulan, Tarzan, Kingdom In The Sun, Treasure Planet, Brother Bear, Fraidy Cat, The Snowqueen, Rex Havoc, Enchanted, Kwak, and Space Chimps and some others. Highlights from 21 years in the Animation Industry.
Can't show you the recent stuff though, sorry. Still hope you like.H.

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ashton said...

Thank you so much for sharing! You are the bee's knees.

HaraldSiepermann said...

I hope thats a compliment !
Thanks, Ashton

Kyle said...

Nice, but I thought some of those enchanted sketches were done by Troy Quane?

I thought he posted them on his blog, but maybe I'm mixing the two up or something.

SteveLambe said...

Good lord, that's a monster character design post.

Incredible work, Harald!

ROFU said...

I once got an original sketch of Henk and a signature at a comic shop in cologne. I made xeroxes of the sketches from the Alfred Books and pinned them on my wall. Your work has really been a role model and inspiration to me, since I first have seen your Alfred comic books. Couldn't belive this great drawings had been made by germans. They looked so awesome professional.

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